Sioux Falls Roosevelt Girls Basketball

The Sioux Falls Roosevelt Girls Basketball program is focussed on three characteristics that will allow our players to learn, grow, and mature not only as basketball players, but also as people. Our three pillars of success include:

  • Give Perfect Effort
  • Be Discipline & Have Toughness
  • Be a Great Teammate

We believe that if our players can learn how to consistently do these three things every day, they will have left our program a better player and person than they came in.

Team Motto

“BOTH FEET IN” – Following the theme from above, we want our players to understand the importance of making a commitment to being a part of something and how that translates to everyday life. When choosing to do something in life, whether it be academics, sports, family, or simple chores around the house, we believe that if you are going to do something, you must fully commit to giving your best every time. You must be “BOTH FEET IN”.


“How you do anything is how you do everything!”

One thought on “Sioux Falls Roosevelt Girls Basketball

  1. Attitude is everything. Hope you and the team have a great season and learn and grow as a team and as individuals . We know that luck = opportunity + preparation! Be all in with both feet in!!


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